You can send in your recorded auditions (mp3) either through Discord or Email.
To send them on Discord, add the artist Therbis#2311 and send the filled form below first, then the voice records.

Please be aware that you probably at first won´t get much feedback, every voice must be heard and checked back by a little team before the future dinosaur voices get picked.

When you send your application, please also add the below listed blanc form in a filled variant.

Voice records send through mail would be prefered as a google drive link to save space in the webmail stash. If you don´t know how google drive works, the files can be added to the mail normally.
If you wish to apply to multiple dinosaurs, please do so in just one sending. Make sure to name your records to the dinosaur you speak as.

To send your application through Email, write to

To send your application through Discord, add Therbis#2311

APPLICATION FORM (copy / paste / fill)

Username :
Age :
Dinosaur applying for :
Willing to be another dinosaur if artist feels it fits : Yes / No
Experience with dubbing : Yes / No
If experienced, tell about it :
Prefering mail or Discord for communication : Mail / Discord