Male – Pachyrhinosaurus
The young adult bull is the strength of the little friends group. Growing up in the protection of friends company and the comfort of a nearly predator wiped valley, Ativo grew up to a big, strong bull who sometimes craves for some harmless fights to get his testosterones out. He will protect his friends at any cost. Ativo can be a bit naive though and often doesn´t  think stuff through.

First appearance: #005


Female – Tenontosaurus
The young adult Teno lady is the brain of the little friends group. She might be smaller than the two big males with her, but she is fast on her feet and her wits will usually make sure the group doesn´t run into any danger. 

First appearance: #004


Male – Gorgosaurus
The young adult carnivore is the heart and soul of the friends group. Eating bugs, fish, smaller predators and rodents, he managed to grow big and strong without the need for big game hunts. Eating anything dangerous to his two herbivore friends, had him well fed without much effort and he turnt into a gentle, chubby, loyal giant.

First appearance: #007


Male – Spinosaurus
The old, grumpy male has seen a lot in his life and now only seeks silence and peace. Since his species is not homed in the valley, or anywhere close, it can be said that Noktus has made quite an effort to reach his destined place to be and left a lot behind himself. Despite being old, he knows how to give a fight, messing with this old male is like messing with a tank. Luckily, he only leaves his lake to sunbathe.

First appearance: #018


Male – Dryosaurus
The small adult Dripp is a fun maker and scout of his herd. Despite the bright gender stripes, he is well hidden in grasses and uses his speed to run around and check the surroundings. He doesn´t only run fast, he also talks fast, sadly doesn´t think fast. He will usually get himself into trouble by actions or talks faster than he can think about it.

First appearance: #031


Female – Pachyrhinosaurus
The adult lady has a unusual bright skin and peaks out the most in the herd she is part of. Being gentle and soft she is seen as the second leader by all the other herd members, except for the herd leader himself who seems to be the only one not trusting her. Despite joining the herd as a loner when she was a younger adult, there is not much known about her, Namiri will never talk about her past before the herd.

First appearance: #035


Male – Tenontosaurus
The young adult was born inside the herd when it had far more members in it. It´s a miracle how he kept his positive attitude and funny character beside witnessing so many of his family and friends dying to hunters and sicknesses.

First appearance: #035


Female – Parasaurolophus
The old female has been in the herd for longer than any of the other current members, even longer than the herd leader himself. Her age is not much noticable, neither in appearance or actions. Her nickname she got by the herd, is Big Mama as she will take care of everyone in the need of help, may it be wounds or mental support.

First appearance: #035


Male – Styracosaurus
This elderly bull will show no age when it comes to fighting. Having a hot temper and will to fight, might be what has the leftover members of the herd protected. He will rather run into a fight and kick the enemies butt, before he lets it get too close and hurt someone else. He sure got his wounds proving him a winning fighter, but he is very stoic and won´t listen to reason, having a very strong belief into the old rules of Dajunar.

First appearance: #044