Hello there!
My name is Nathalie Pähler, known for my artist name Therbis and Im an independent digital artist and illustrator from Germany.
In 2020 I fullfilled one of my long time dreams and published my own webcomic, Tainted Hearts which I had up and down for a couple of years before, but never had enough endurance to keep going. This time though, I found my perfect rhythm and the comic grew greater in pages and it´s fanbase with it.
In 2021 then, The Devils Demons came to my head and I went with the crazy project of doing 2 free to read webcomics at the same time! Even though it is a lot of work, I love working on my comic pages whenever I can make time for it.
2022 I got a better count of Patrons supporting me and by that the webcomics! I could finally put in a fixed schedule so now each Friday launches one comic page, switching The Devils Demons with Tainted Hearts each week.
The final goal is to get enough support so I can produce more pages and post them even faster without the need of doing commissions to get my bills paid first.


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